Do YOU Control Your Health and Wellness?

Most of us are a bit "disconnected" from our health and wellness, and, from our future. This site, about your health and wellness, is being built with valid, researched information to help you make those important decisions for yourself, instead of just assuming that your health and wellness will be ok, and relying on the medical system to take care of your future.

"Who ME?"

Let's face it: we are basically lazy, and we don't expect to get sick, or have any health problems as we get older. Well....being lazy may be true, but if we think that we can eat what we want, not exercise, and just veggie out in front of the tube, or our computer, and NOT have any issues in the future, we are kidding ourselves.

With the average person watching 25 hours or more of television each week, 60+% of us sitting in the "metabolically abundant" category (we're fat!), guess what! WE need to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to re-gain our good health, before we wind up in a situation that we can no longer control, and must rely on others to deal with, like doctors and nurses. I know personally what this means: you don't have any more control over your life. So much for the glowing future!

How Do I Know What's True And What's Not?

We are constantly being bombarded with hundreds of ads about which drug is "best" for you, how great this fast food is, which home cleaner works the best, what car you should buy, etc., it's no wonder there is a lot of confusion about which choice is the best choice for us to make.....for ANYTHING!

It's YOUR Choice

The good news is that your health and wellness IS under your control, if you choose for it to be.

It's really quite simple. All it takes is you having the right information, and making some painless changes to your lifestyle, one step at a time.

Just like you decide what you are going to wear every day, when you are going to get up, what you are going to do on the weekend, you have a choice to take steps to improve your health. You don't need to stop eating anything that is bad for you, or make radical, uncomfortable changes. That is a plan that is destined to fail, it's just too much for the average person to commit to and stay with.

One Step At A Time

Just take very small, simple actions to start with. And build on those, that's all it takes.

• Park further away from the store or work, so that you have to walk;

• Eat two healthy, fat free lunches a week;

• Cook three healthy dinners a week:

• Buy a healthy, fat free snack, twice a week, instead of Twinkies, chips or cookies;

• Exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a day, 3 or 4 days a week;

• Do some easy stretching for 5 minutes after having your morning coffee;

• Learn more about YOUR body, and what it needs to be healthy.

One of my main goals with this site is to help you to take some of those small, simple, painless steps.

You WON'T Starve!

You CAN "have your cake and eat it too", well, maybe not the triple chocolate, 5 layer cheese cake with a side of double chocolate ice cream! But there really ARE good tasting alternatives out there. It is nothing like it was even 7 years ago when you had difficulty finding any good tasting choices at the store. Now, even Costco has a whole array of organic food choices. You need to remember that the very foundation of good health starts with your diet and nutrition.

"You Really ARE what you eat!"

WHAT exactly are you eating? Well, it's just a question: Is it "healthy food" or "harmful food"? Will it keep you in good health as you are aging? (I've discovered that in spite of how good I feel, we all do age!) Will it support your family's health and wellness?

What about your home health? Do you have a "Healthy Home"? I know that sounds a little unusual, and it is not something most people really think about, but did you know that the very products that most people use to keep their homes clean, and "safe" for their children can cause a host of health problems, from asthma and learning problems, to exzema, obesity, childhood diabetes,and heart conditions? (yes, even in children).

Distractions Are Everywhere

It's easy to get caught up in the game of work and not take care of yourself. One day, you notice a few extra pounds "showed up",(who invited them!). You can have the intention of getting going with some type of weight management program, but it is soooo easy to just put it off until we wind up taking a drug for this, a drug for that,and yet another drug to help with the side effects of the first two drugs.

Drugs are not an answer. Drugs are simply “cover-ups” for a problem that will just get worse as you get older. They are not a cure.

"Financial health": lots of income and assets, "Man, I'm SET!" But do you realize that your most important "asset" is your physical health? You can't buy it. You can only create health and wellness for yourself through what you do every day.

Your Health Is Both Simple, And Complicated

There are many dimensions to health and wellness, how you eat, how you exercise, how you think, what you family relationships are, spiritual practices, even your finances. I love feeling good, not getting sick, not being on any drugs, and just really enjoying life.

The simple part of it all is your diet, weight management, disease prevention, eating foods that heal, and staying away from foods that harm. In this site, Your Health and Wellness Guide, I will do my best to connect you with the same resources, information, activities, and products that I know are effective to help point you in the right direction for a long and healthy life.

Enjoy our site!

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