Childrens Health: Toxic or “Green” Cleaning Products?

Even if you think you have a healthy home for your childrens health, you may not realize that you don't. If you think like most people do, you have no idea that your cleaning and laundry products can affect your health, and, especially, your children's Health.

Most people think that if the product is carried in the grocery store, or, even the local co-op, it must be safe, and that you have a natural healthy home. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Just because a product has a "nice" sounding name like "A Natural Life" does not mean that it is good for you, or will give you a healthy home.

"They wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t safe . . . would they?" When we pick up a product at the local grocery store, we like to think we are getting something that has been tested, and proven to be safe. After all, we have laws to protect our health and safety, and our childrens health, don’t we? The following information is just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Chemicals in our everyday products are a hot health topic throughout the world, and especially in the United States with groups of people who have decided to take charge of their health.

As far as cleaning and laundry products are concerned, the government actually has very limited power to regulate manufacturers, or require testing of the products they produce. We are the "testing center" for products, and the companies that produce toxic products, make it very difficult for the average person to find products to create a healthy home for themselves and their families. Here are some disturbing facts:

• A product that kills 50% of lab animals through ingestion or inhalation can still receive the federal regulatory designation “non-toxic", even though it can have a negative impact on childrens health.

• Of the 17,000 chemicals that appear in common household products, only 30%, (5100) have been adequately tested for their negative effects on our health, leaving 11,900 that nothing is known about; fewer than 10% have been tested for their effect on the nervous system; and nothing is known about the combined effects of these chemicals when mixed within our bodies.

• No law requires manufacturers to list the exact ingredients on the package label.

• Synthetic chemicals in cleaning and personal care products, including the ones we commonly use around our homes, day care centers, schools, libraries, shops, and restaurants have never been tested or proven to be safe, for our health, or our childrens health.

• No one knows the danger of the combination of chemicals that the average man, woman, child and pet comes into contact with on a daily basis, until WE show some type of symptoms. In other words, WE are the lab tests!

As if that’s not enough, these products, that most people use every day in their homes, are also used in our children’s schools. You can have a healthy home, and have your child impacted by products used in their school that creates a toxic school. These products are classified as “pesticides”. Go to: (Toxic Schools) and (Children and Toxins). These cleaners are used to:

• Disinfect your kitchen floor;

• Kill bacteria and fungus;

• Remove the mildew on bathroom tile.

These are products like:

• Mr. Clean™

• Lysol™

• Windex™

• Tilex™

• Lime-away™

• Scrubbing Bubbles™

• Cascade™

• Tide™

• Cheer™

• Bleach™

• Bounce™

• Shampoos;

• Soap;

• Conditioners;

• Fragrances;

• Petroleum candles (some of them even have lead in the center of the wicks!)

Action Steps You Can Take

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is:

1. Get rid of pretty much all of the products you are using, don’t wait;

2. Replace them with products that are safe for you, and not toxic for your children.

3. Contact us for information about a company that has been producing toxic free products for 27 years, and will actually save you money every month, and the products are delivered to your door. There are even complete “home conversion kits”, to get rid of all the junk.

4. Tell other people about this information on our site. If enough of us refuse to support the companies that produce these toxic products, maybe they will get the message.

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