Diet and Disease: Good Nutrition is the Key to Good Health

It’s All There

Most of the relevant research about health, diet and disease has already been done, but has been buried beneath a clutter of irrelevant and even harmful information, junk science, fad diets, and food industry propaganda. Throughout this site I will refer to and recommend the book: “The China Study”. This is a must read book if you want to know more beyond the everyday about diet and disease. It has been called the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever done.

In the book, The China Study, Dr. Campbell details over 27 years of scientific research on nutrition. His research is substantiated by over 750 other references and scientific publications. Some of the findings, published in the most reputable scientific journals, show that:

• Dietary change can enable diabetic patients to go off their medication;

• Heart disease can be reversed by diet alone, see also: heart disease risk article;

• Breast cancer is related to levels of female hormones in the blood, which are determined by the food we eat;

• Consuming dairy foods can increase the risk of prostate cancer;

• Antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetables, are linked to better mental performance in old age;

• Kidney stones can be prevented by a healthy diet;

• Type I diabetes, one of the most devastating diseases that can befall a child, is convincingly linked to infant feeding practices;

• Certain types of protein, like Casein, (which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein), promote all stages of cancer;

• Protein from plants sources,(like soy) do not promote cancer, even at higher dosages than normal;

Bottom line of the scientific studies:

• People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic diseases, consistently;

• Even relatively small intakes of animal-based food were associated with adverse effects;

• People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease. See also: vegetarian diets are good for you.

That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Diet and disease are related, strongly. So, why aren’t our medical and food industries taking this information about diet and disease to heart and incorporating the information into making us the healthiest nation in the world, instead of the sickest nation in the world? Money. One of the main reasons is that there is not as much money in good health as there is in bad health. How does that make you feel?

Diet and Disease: Junk Food and Drugs

Junk food, drugs and disease are big business, really big business. A healthy diet and disease prevention on the other hand are much harder to make obscene profits from. When someone comes along and rocks the boat with information about how bad both of these industries are for everyone’s health, the mega corporations fight it, stifle it, and do their best to put the focus somewhere else.

It is the same thing that has been going on with the tobacco industry since the 1940’s. Here is an article from a 1941 Reader's Digest talking about tobacco and some of the know side effects: Article: Nicotine Knockout.

. Most people think that the research and revelations about how bad tobacco is for you are new: they are not, they have just been kept in the background by the tobacco industry lobby, and, in part by the government since there were jobs and money involved.

A true story from an older advertising person for the tobacco companies that I heard recently, was that in the mid 1950’s, the tobacco companies would fly him to all of these fancy expensive resorts, wine and dine him, and then send him home with 5 or 10 cartons (50 to 100 packs) of cigarettes to give away to the people working in the advertising company with him.

As he told this story, he reflected on what part he had in destroying the health of his coworkers, most of whom died of lung cancer. He is just one of many advertising people affected by this industry.

What’s really sad about stories like this is that the health information was already there, as you can see in the Nicotine Knockout article mentioned above.

So, the proof about the connection between diet and disease has been there for decades, it is not new, it has just been kept on the back burner by the same type of system that helped everyone feel that smoking was ok.

You should be careful about who you believe when it comes to your health and your family’s health. Diet and Disease, the information is there, all it needs is your action.

It’s Your Choice

As I have mentioned in other sections, it is your choice as to what you buy, how you cook it, how much you eat, and ultimately, how you take care of your health.

Anyone can go on line and look at health statistics and find that we spend the most of any country on our health care, and yet we are leading the world in degenerative diseases like: Heart Disease: Arthritis: Diabetes: Cancer: Obesity, and more.

You can also find the information that the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office actually reported in 1988 that 15 out of every 21 deaths in the U.S. involve nutrition. Have you even heard of that study or information before? I know that I hadn't.

Diet and disease, it goes back to that saying that we have all heard: “You are what you eat—or don’t eat.”

Good Food Tastes Incredible!

I once heard a story about someone who had just eaten a soft, ripe peach picked right off the tree. He thought something was wrong with it even though it tasted really good, because it was not as hard as a rock like the unripe peaches he had eaten from the grocery store!

The sad thing is that most people, especially our children don't know what really good food tastes like. You can change that, if you choose to.

We are Designed to Appreciate Quality Food

Our taste buds are not being taken care of. Good quality, well prepared food is heavenly. I know some people have had that perfect meal where everything just melted in you mouth, and left you with an almost altered state of mind! This should not be the rare occasion, as it is in the U.S..

It is not the norm in most other countries, especially Europe. Meals are an occasion, even a celebration.

Did you know that it is very common to have a 7 course meal in many parts of Europe? Every part of the meal is designed for your taste buds, and every dish complements the one before!

Just “Nuke It”

Talk about diet and disease! The microwave is one of the worst inventions if you like good quality food! It does nothing to enhance the eating experience, and the cooking process destroys the majority of the nutrients that may have been in the food to begin with, regardless of what "research" says. It is just a bad idea.

Cooking is not that difficult if you take it on as a learning experience.

It is an art form..that you get to eat when it is finished! Look at the article: food preparation, describes what happens when a nurse put some blood for transfusions into the microwave to warm up, all the patients died when the nuked blood hit their systems.

There was absolutely no nutrient value left in the blood, it had turned into a toxin. What do you think is happening to your food? As they say: "food for thought."

Your Life Actually Depends on Good Quality Food

If you look at statistics like the ones I mention throughout this site, it is obvious that there is a problem. The problem is bad food.

If you want bad health: eat bad food. If you want good health: eat good food. That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

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