Eye Health, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration

Eye health and vision, one of our most important assets, and also one of the most abused and taken for granted—until we lose it.

The belief of most people is that your eyes just naturally deteriorate with age, and you will no longer see as well.

This is not necessarily true.

There is ongoing research that is showing that a healthy diet, plays a significant role in eye health.

For example, those who have a diet high in kale and spinach (which contain specific substances helpful to the eye) had a 43% lower risk of macular degeneration.

I have personally had the experience of totally corrected night vision, and a correction in my close vision for reading, within 5 months using natural products, not drugs.

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Nutrition, I need to get a “t” shirt that has “Nutrition is The Key To Great Health!” on it.

More and more scientific studies are showing how true that is.

Take a look at this recent article about diet and how it can reverse

heart disease.

Other studies have shown that individuals who take a vitamin C supplement have shown have a 50%-70% lower risk of developing cataracts compared to people who take no supplements.


Have you ever even heard of bilberries? I know I hadn’t.

It is another one of those amazing power foods in a small package!

Studies have shown that anthocyanins (plant compounds), the active ingredient in bilberries, have a unique attraction to the blood vessels of the eyes, where they improve circulation and fortify capillaries, and in general, can have a dramatic effect on your eye health.

That can also lead to improved night vision.


Blueberries are a close cousin of the bilberry, are being studied at Tufts University for their ability to prevent macular degeneration, and are another key in eye health.

Called the “vision fruit” in Japan, where they are eaten on a regular basis, they have been proven to help all stages of eye health.

By the way, Japan is #1 in the world in life expectancy. The United States is #38.

One of the main contributors to declining eye health is poor diet, and poor nutrition, specifically the denatured, chemical and preservative laden foods that most Americans consume daily.

Supplementation can help to prevent or correct eye trouble, but you simply can’t continue to eat a junk food diet and expect to have your health in the future, nor can any supplement take the place of good nutrition.

The next time you are eating at a fast food place, or, for that matter, eating junk food at home, close your eyes as you eat your meal, better yet, use a blindfold that you can just barely make things out through the material.

That is what macular degeneration looks like, and can be the long term result of a poor diet for your eyes.

Researchers are discovering more and more that the eye, more than any other organ, is constantly exposed to elements that can induce free radical damage, which is a negative for good eye health.

Air pollution, tobacco smoke, UV radiation, computer screens, and other free radical producing environmental sources constantly assault the lens of your eyes.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

I know, they sound like something from star wars, but they are incredibly potent for improving eye health.

A 1994 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined the intake of carotenoids (compounds that give squash, carrots, etc. their orange or yellow colors) and vitamins A, C, and E in people with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and how these compounds related to eye health.

They discovered that the people least likely to develop macular degeneration were those who had the highest intakes of dark, leafy greens, particularly spinach and collard greens. These vegetables contain high amounts of two types of carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin. See: vegetarian diets.

“A higher dietary intake of carotenoids was associated with improved eye health and a lower risk for AMD,” the researchers said.

Among the carotenoids, the study goes on to say, lutein and zeaxanthin were the most strongly associated with the reduced risk.

Vitamin C

Scientists have found that vitamin C can slow the chemical reactions that make certain eye lens proteins clump together, and as the duration of supplement use continued, eye health improved and the risk of cataracts decreased.

Other studies have shown that this familiar vitamin can halt cataract progression and, in some cases, significantly improve vision.

An interesting note: The eye contains the most vitamin C of any other part of the body.

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How Much Do You Value Your Eyes?

I guess that is an unusual question, but it is important.

Your eye health is directly related to your overall health, and your overall health is directly related to your diet. You simply cannot take a drug to replace the healthy nutrients that come with a good diet.

There are studies going all the way back to the early part of the last century that verify how important high quality nutritious food is to not just your eye health, but to your overall health and long life.

It Is All In Your Control

Even though at times your life feels like someone is living it other than you, you do have control, if you choose to exercise it.

Educating yourself about nutrition may seem a little difficult at first, but it gets easier as you go since it is so simple.

You don't need to get a Phd or anything like that!

You can determine what your future will be by what you do now.

You can do the same for your family.

Can you picture yourself at 70, 80 even 90 years old moving around doing things you want to do---maybe not as fast as you once could---but you are not sitting in some rest home, drugged out, waiting for the next meal, or visitors hours.

Those are two VERY different alternatives, and they are both up to you.

The future will show up before you know it.

This site is dedicated to help you make the right choices for your future, not to sell you some magic potion.

But, ultimately, it is what you decide to do that will make the difference for you.

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