Food Preparation—Just “Nuke it!”

Food preparation by heating foods in a microwave oven bears little relation to conventional cooking, and is not a part of eating healthy.

Any cooking will result in alterations of the food; however, heat in conventional cooking comes from the outside in.

In the case of microwaving, the heat is a result of friction, and this friction comes from the molecular bonds being torn apart due the activity of the microwaves.

This produces all manner of toxic and carcinogenic substances that do not exist in nature, and is reason enough to avoid microwaved foods.

In addition, water is greatly altered by microwaving.

On some level, we ultimately take in the energy of the microwaving by ingesting the food, or drinking the water.

Microwaving Destroys Nutrients

It is a known fact that microwaving destroys a greater amount of nutrients than conventional cooking.

Microbes in our body require proper nutrition to survive and they cannot survive on food that has been microwaved.

Here is a true sad story about the effects of microwaving on us and the nutrients we consume.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1980s, several patients in a hospital died after receiving blood transfusions.

Blood for a transfusion is normally brought to body temperature in equipment designed for that purpose.

In this particular court case, it was established that a nurse used a microwave to warm the blood for the transfusions.

It was shown in the court case that the transfusion of this microwaved blood was the cause of death.

The microwaving of the blood, simply to warm it, rendered it useless as a life sustaining necessity, and instead turned it into a deadly toxin. Every single patient died, 100%.

This is especially staggering when you consider that even today, the number of mothers who warm their baby’s bottles of milk in the microwave is substantial.

Other Food Experiments

Irradiated and genetically modified foods are also in the category of being “experimental”. Guess who the “test subjects” are? You and your family are.

Food preparation is as important as the quality of the food.

If you begin with a poor quality food, such as what is available in most grocery stores, and then microwave it, how much nutritional value do you think is left?

We actually live on nutrients, and the best place to get them is from food grown and prepared in a way that retains all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that we require for good health.

It is not a choice that you should make lightly, especially if you have children.

You must provide nutrients for your children for normal growth, and you must prepare the food in a way that they will benefit and grow, and not have compromised immune systems. Go to children's nutrition for more information.

This is just a short section that I will be adding to later as time permits.

The main message I want to come through is that it is up to you as to what you do with the information contained on this page and throughout this site.

There are good choices you can make that will absolutely change your present health, and your family's health, as you grow older.

Thank you for reading!

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