Flavonoids, Proanthocyanins & Heart Disease

Heart Disease is “uncomfortably” familiar to most people, we all know someone who has been affected by it, and, we have all heard of the drugs and procedures that are used to “cover up” the symptoms of heart disease, but do nothing to stop the progression of it.

What most people have not heard of, are “flavonoids”, and how they are critical to your health, especially your heart. Flavonoids, also known as bioflavonoids, are a class of “phytochemicals”, or, natural plant compounds found in healthy foods to eat, like: fruits, vegetables, wine, some fruit juices and tea, all part of a healthy diet.

Flavonoids form the structural network of plants and fruits, and help protect them from harmful environmental factors and “free radicals.” Multiple scientific studies have shown that these flavonoids can offer humans and animals some of the same protection, especially protecting against heart disease, and keeping your amazing heart healthy as you grow older.

World wide studies have shown that individuals with a healthy diet containing healthy foods with the most flavonoids, have a significantly reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, vision problems, and cancer, as well as other types of diseases.

Here is one of the most recent scientific research articles about how, even genetics, don't necessarily mean that a person is destined to have a particular disease: Genetics and heart disease

What exactly do flavonoids do?

Proanthocyanidins, a unique type of flavonoid, were not discovered until 1946, by a French researcher who was studying natural remedies, like peanut skins, and their effect on heart disease and circulation. His research showed that one of the compounds he uncovered, called “OPC”, was a proanthocyanidin that was extremely effective in protecting the vascular walls (Vascular walls are those tissues which surround and protect your arteries and veins), in your body. This was thought to be the most effective natural method of protection until, in 1986, it was discovered that an extract made from grape seeds and grape skin was vastly superior.

Some Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Proanthocyanidins


• Are critical in the formation of collagen** (see note below), the building block of all cells in the human body;

• Fortify Vascular walls and increase artery “flexibility”, even in the smallest capillaries, keeping all blood vessels healthy and helping in preventing heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and reducing high blood pressure;

• Help with varicose veins. Varicose veins, in general, have a low collagen level, and weaker arterial walls. The OPCs can help to strengthen the vessel walls, and prevent further damage, and, in some cases, reduce the appearance of existing varicose veins;

• Help with Edema. Edema is common as we age, as the vascular walls in the capillaries begin to wear down and allow the leakage of fluids see your amazing heart. Swellings can occur in the lower part of the body after sitting or standing for long periods of time without activity. OPCs help to reduce the occurrence of these episodes;

• Proanthocyanidins, OPC’s, can also help with your vision. Eyesight is affected by environmental factors such as the sun, computer screens, smoke, etc. In several studies, OPCs were shown to improve eyesight, as well as improve night vision. Retinopathy also appears to benefit from a regime of OPCs.

A short personal story: my wife and I had poor night vision, Andrea wouldn’t even drive at night, she just couldn’t see. I was experiencing “white outs” where I was temporarily blinded by oncoming headlights. Five months after starting to take these particular OPC containing products, we both had total correction in our night vision….that was 10.5 years ago, and we both still have no problem driving at night;

• Help protect the Heart. The heart relies on a healthy circulatory system to move nutrients throughout your body. OPCs help in this process of preventing heart disease;

• Help Vitamin C’s effectiveness. Vitamin C is critical to our good health, and it is one of the many vitamins that you cannot produce in your body;

• Help to block Histamine, and strengthen cell membranes, making it more difficult for histamine to escape. OPCs have an antihistamine action, so that they can help to block or relieve allergic reactions in the body;

• Proanthocyanidins are also a powerful Antioxidant. Through your body’s natural process of using oxygen and food to produce energy, a byproduct called the “free radical” is created. Free radicals are also found in environmental sources like smoke, pollution, UV light, etc. If produced in excess, these free radicals can harm the cells inside your body, leading to degenerative conditions, including cancer, heart disease, cataracts, and premature aging. OPCs help to neutralize the free radicals more efficiently than any other known compound;

• Help to reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation and buildup in your arteries. LDL oxidation in your blood vessels contributes to plaque build up, which causes narrowing of the arteries, arterial wall damage, as well as stiffening, or hardening of your arteries. Just think of oxidation like the rust that you see happen on iron. A similar destructive process takes part in your body.

**Note: collagen

collagen is primarily made up of cholesterol, which is a natural cell building block, produced by your liver. Cholesterol lowering drugs, or, “statin” drugs as they are known, like Lipitor ™, reduce the amount of this vital cell ingredient produced by the liver, in an attempt to lower cholesterol in your circulatory system, while doing nothing to actually correct the problem or high cholesterol that may be coming in through your diet. Collagen is also key to brain health and proper function. The average brain is composed of 55% to 60% collagen (cholesterol) by weight.

All in all, proanthocyanidins provide significant benefits for your health, and one of the best sources for them is a pure, organic grapeseed/grapeskin extract. Unfortunately, not all grapeseed or grapeskin products are what they appear to be. The majority of the products on the market use either low quality, low cost, low proanthocyanidin content grapes, or, “post wine production” grape products, so that you are actually eating the leftover wine mash that contains all of the chemical residues from the wine process, like sulfites. Some companies don’t even use grapes for their grapeskin/grapeseed products, they use a cheaper alternative that provides virtually no protective value for your health.

A company that I have been with for 11 years, produces a grapeseed/grapeskin product with 2 patents, and is created specifically for the circulatory system and helping to prevent heart disease.

This product includes:

• Pure organic grape seed/grape skin extract, extremely concentrated, proven to help maintain healthy blood pressure and healthy blood platelet activity. The equivalent of 10,000 grapes in every bottle!

• Quercetin, another powerful organic flavonoid found in tomatoes, onions, citrus fruits, and apples. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that helps to scavenge (get rid of) free radicals, and maintain healthy blood vessel function. It is also key in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

• Resveratrol, a compound found in grapes and some berries. Multiple scientific studies have shown that Resveratrol helps to neutralize free radicals, and maintain healthy blood platelet function.

• Organic green tea extract, One of the many benefits of green tea extract is that it is loaded with flavonoids, and also helps to maintain a healthy vascular system.

• Bromelain, a natural organic pineapple extract helpful to maintain healthy platelet function. This product, was co-developed with our company, and Dr. John Folts, a scientist and researcher who pioneered the idea that taking an aspirin every day would help to prevent heart attack and stroke. According to his own research, this product using organic, high quality grape skin and grape skin extracts, is not only more effective than aspirin therapy, but actually goes further to heal the cardiovascular system.

Contact us for more information about this product, this company, and how to become a member with access to some of the most effective products available. At this time, the company I work with prohibits using their name, or product names on my site. Fill out our contact form, and I will contact you directly. Rest assured that there will be no sales pitch or hype, my goal is to help you improve your health, just as I have done for hundreds of others, myself and my wife included.

A side note: if you are taking a prescribed blood thinner, you should check with your doctor before taking this product, as it will also thin the blood—but without the side effects of a drug. My advice is to do some research on your own about the drug(s) you are taking, and what alternatives are available that will not impact your overall health in a negative way. If you have a doctor who is interested in working with the body’s natural healing system, rather than the drug cover up method, I can provide him/her with scientific documentation about the effectiveness and validity of this product.

“What about taking an aspirin every day like my doctor recommends?”

The problems with aspirin are several:

• Potential bleeding in the stomach;

• No real, lasting effect on the actual cause of platelet “stickiness”

• If there is any adrenalin in the system, the effects of the aspirin are significantly reduced;

• Aspirin is effective around 40% of the time;

• No real “healing” of the problem, just a cover up.

As always, my goal with this page is not to replace your doctor’s advice, it is to start you on the road to discovering for yourself how you are able to take care of your health, and live a long life. There is a lot of information on line, just be sure that there are real scientific studies involved, and not junk science.

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