Kids Health and Toxins

Every parent should know the following information about Kids Health...

Over 1 million children under six years of age are poisoned each year in America. According to a paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, from pediatricians at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, the main categories of substances involved that affect kids health, are cosmetics and personal care products, cleaning agents, analgesics, plants and cough and cold remedies.

It’s Not All Bad News

Deaths from accidental poisoning have significantly declined since there has been more awareness of prevention. Even so, one child dying because of these products is one too many. Some things that have really helped are:

• The introduction of new formulations, child-resistant containers;

• Increased parental awareness of the hazards;

• Intervention by poison information centers;

• And special training of health professionals.

Still, more than half the fatalities of children under-six are caused by pharmaceutical products, and common household cleaning products used in almost every household.

Among serious pharmaceutical hazards are:

• Iron-deficiency preparations, such as iron supplements;

• Antidepressants;

• Cardiovascular medications;

• Hypoglycaemic agents;

• Narcotic analgesics;

• And antimalarials.

It is estimated that the child-resistant packaging of aspirin and other oral medications has saved the lives of many thousands of children since the mid-1970s.

Kids health, and bodies and differ from adults in many ways. In general, they are much more vulnerable than adults to toxic chemicals. Bottom line: (Children and Chemicals) don’t mix. There are some important reasons for this extra sensitivity.

Children are Growing

Pound for pound, Kids Health means:

diet and nutrition and eating healthy;

• Drinking more (water) than adults;

• Breathing more (oxygen),

• Underdeveloped immune systems, and,

• Having a much faster metabolism than adults.

Because of these differences, children are much more likely to be exposed to a greater variety of substances in their environment than are adults. Since children have higher metabolic rates than adults and are different from adults in how their bodies absorb, detoxify and excrete toxicants, what may be an “unnoticed” dose of toxins for an adult, may be a lethal dose for a small child. While it's great that we have a "food pyramid" set up in this country, it is not a healthy food pyramid

Kids health is the cornerstone of their future, and, as they get older and enter into an even more difficult time with teen health, if their foundation of health and nutrition is poor, so will their teen and into adult years be plagued with health issues like:

• Asthma;


• Obesity;

• Diabetes;

• High cholesterol;

• High blood pressure; and

• Heart disease, just to name a few.

Are We Just Too Busy To Notice?…

We don’t always connect with kids health, with eating healthy, or the fact that children’s systems, including their nervous, reproductive, digestive, respiratory and immune systems are still developing. This process of development creates periods of extreme "health" vulnerability.

From the time of conception, exposure to toxicants, especially by the mother, may result in irreversible damage where the same exposure to a mature bodily system, may result in little or no damage. Everything you do, as a mom or dad, affects your kids health. Everything that your child eats, should be in the healthy eating pyrmaid. Good nutrition is key to good health, there is no question about it.

Children Live In A Different World Than Adults Do

Children behave differently than adults, leading to a different pattern of exposures to the world around them. For example, they exhibit hand-to-mouth behavior, ingesting whatever substances may be on their hands, toys, household items, and floors.

Children play and live in a different space than adults do. Very young children spend hours close to the ground, examining every particle they see. It goes from the floor, or ground, right into the mouth! This level is where there is more exposure to toxicants in dust, soil, and carpets as well as low-lying vapors such as radon, mercury vapor or pesticides. It's not an area of "good nutrition"! It’s where pretty much everything winds up, including the air fresheners that are sprayed around the room.

The problem is, all of these chemicals have a negative effect on kids health, and can actually trigger diseases like ADHD and ADD.

Children Live Longer

Children have a longer life expectancy than adults; thus they have more time to accumulate chemicals in their bodies and develop diseases with long latency periods that may be triggered by early environmental exposures, such as cancer, ADD, ADHD, and many others.


healthy diet is critical to help keep all of these issues in the background, and develop a healthy immune system, to help with disease prevention. There are several studies that have been done in recent years where ADD and ADHD symptoms have been reduced or eliminated simply by using safe, absorbable vitamins and minerals , and a healthy diet. Contact us for more information

It’s An Artificial World

The world in which we live, and in which today’s children live has changed tremendously from that of previous generations. One of these changes is the phenomenal increase in substances to which children are exposed that will affect kids health in yet unknown ways. Poor nutrition instead of eating healthy , causes yet unknown long term effects. Synthetic chemicals pervade our environment worldwide, and traces of these compounds are found in all humans and animals.

There Are Just Too Many Chemicals

For the majority of the thousands of new chemicals introduced into the environment since World War II, little is known about the health effects on our health, much less on childrens health. According to the EPA, more than 75,000 industrial chemicals are currently produced in, or imported into the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Human Exposure Report has conclusively demonstrated that such chemicals are appearing in the vast majority of blood and urine samples taken at random from the general population of adults and children in the U.S. Many of these are readily passed across the placenta to the fetus or to the infant via breast milk.

A frightening number of these untested substances are in:

• The indoor air in homes;

• Daycare centers and schools;

• Automobiles;

• Treatments applied to children’s clothing;

• Personal care items like soaps, sunscreens and toothpaste;

• Or on toys that children put in their mouths.

These toxic chemicals are also allowed in food packaging and containers. Relatively few have been assessed with regard to human health impacts, and even fewer for the potential for exposure and harm to kids health. Most hazards, unless severe and acute, are not identified.

Remember the Current Water Bottle Issue

A good example of how overexposed we all are to unsafe chemicals, is all of the ongoing controversy about the plastic in water bottles and other containers. It was only after years of the public using the containers that scientists found a problem, which could just as easily been found in the laboratory. Instead, we and our children are the testing lab for new compounds.

We Can Choose What We Allow In Our Homes and Schools

Every time you buy Tide&trade, Clorox&trade, Lysol&trade, Tilex&trade, Cascade&trade, or any of the other numerous products people use in their homes, you are actually sending a message to companies like Proctor & Gamble®, Johnson’s & Johnson’s®, Colgate Palmolive®, and others that produce them, that it’s ok for them to continue to make and sell this type of cheaply made, mostly chemical, high profit product that will have a negative effect on every kids health, our health and wellness, and our environment. If enough people refuse to purchase this junk, those companies may eventually get the message, and be forced to produce products that are safer for our families and the environment.

Where are the Toxic Chemicals?

In the very places where our kids should be safe and protected, such as schools, see: (Toxic Schools) and nurseries, our cars, our homes, see: (Healthy Home), or apartments, restaurants, etc... In the past, there has been very little effort taken to find toxin free products for building materials, food containers, personal care products, or cleaning products, see, healthy home tour There is even less concern for their effect on kids health.

We Simply Cannot Survive On Chemicals And Drugs

Remember: Adults and chemicals don’t mix; children and chemicals definitely don’t mix. Children’s nervous and endocrine systems are under development and are much more likely to be disrupted by these harmful chemical messengers than adults are.

Very young children are especially vulnerable because they crawl around the floor and when they put their hands into their mouths they transfer the toxic chemicals right into their systems. And remember, before they are born, they have already been exposed to the toxic chemicals their mothers have been exposed to! Kids Health, or lack of it, has long term consequences for the child, the family, and for society.

A question you may want to ask is: "What will the health situation be for my children's children if we continue along this path?"

Action Steps You Can Take

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is:

1. Get rid of pretty much all of the toxic home cleaning products you are using, don’t wait until you use them up;

2. Replace them with products that are safe for you, and not toxic for your children.

3. Contact us for information about a company that has been producing toxic free products for 25 years, and will actually save you money every month, and the products are delivered to your door. There are even complete “home conversion kits”, to get rid of all the junk found in the average home.

4. Talk to other parents, your child’s school, your PTA, about changing to a safer, healthier environment for our children.

5. Tell other people about this information on our site. If enough of us refuse to support the companies that produce these toxic products, maybe they will eventually get the message. Change starts one person at a time.

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