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Good health for men requires different nutritional needs when compared to the nutritional needs of women. For optimum men’s health, more protein and carbohydrates are needed, since healthy men in general have a much bulkier muscular structure than women do, which uses up more of these types of fuel. For the most part on this page, I will be speaking of a male in “general” good health, not someone who has never exercised or taken care of themselves, although, even the couch potato reader can benefit. There are major differences between the two body types, and a high protein, high carb. diet for an inactive, or obese person can be deadly.

A good diet is key to living a healthy, active life, and the decisions you make early on, when you are younger, will set the stage for your future.

I cover men’s health, and women’s health in more detailed, helpful plans for “out of shape” men and women in several other areas on this site such as: diet and disease; exercise and weight management..

The goal for this section of our site is to provide basic information and some simple solutions that will enhance your overall health, help with disease prevention, and show you how to avoid prescription drugs as the years move forward.

So, What Does “Men’s Health” Actually Mean?

It means:

• Taking care of your complete body from your toes to your brain;

• Taking charge of learning how to improve your health by learning how your body works, and what it needs in the way of exercise and nutrition.

Eating healthy foods, is key to preventing heart disease, and “gracefully” aging.

Let’s face it, everyone will be getting older, and eventually, you will be losing those great biceps and six pack stomach. Gravity, and aging is not kind to heavy muscles! Just take a look at an old weight lifter and you can see down the road.

Good quality food, not burgers and fries, is a beginning. If this seems like too much of a radical change for you, start gradually, and set your own personal health goals…and stay on track to accomplish them.

Keep in mind that heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S., and, new research, combined with known facts, is showing that heart disease may be reversible, by a diet change, and a lifestyle change.

Yes, You Are What You Eat!

You don’t need to turn into someone who always has an extra carrot in their pocket for snacking, but you can begin to make some easy changes. Just think about the statistics:

• Men die earlier than women (you’re done!);

• Your diet is directly linked to your health;

• Healthy aging is directly tied to how you have eaten, exercised, and prepared for your later years.

It’s actually easy to get started, just substitute different foods and snacks. There are harmful foods and there are healthy foods. If you travel throughout my site, and do some reading on your own, it’s pretty easy to decide what will work for you. The choices for healthy foods today are amazing compared to even 10 years ago.

It’s Your Choice, It’s Your Future....

We always have a choice for good, or bad health, and it is ultimately, our choice, no one else’s. It is your body, your health, and your responsibility to care for it.

I totally agree that it can be hard to change, but if you want to see what your future may be like if you don’t take charge of your diet and nutrition, head into any senior care center or doctor’s office, and talk to people who are older and have already traveled the “I’ll eat whatever I want road” you are on. Most are on drugs, which cover up symptoms of diseases, and do nothing to correct the underlying health problems that caused the disease or illness in the first place. Some people are on 15 to 25 drugs! It’s a real eye opener.

Having worked in a skilled nursing facility, I can tell you some of the results of poor diet, and no exercise, make you stop and think. C.O.P.D., cancer, leg amputations, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, alzheimers, vision loss, incontinence, and more are common results.

Again, it’s all about what you choose: the crowded “Junk Food Highway”, with bad health lurking around every turn, or, you can choose the less traveled road to good health, with a healthy diet, and a long life full of energy, and the ability to retire and actually have the health to enjoy what you have worked so hard for.

It’s really very simple, on the J.F.H. highway, you can look forward to:

• A future of doctor’s visits;

• Expensive prescription drugs along with their side effects;

• The inability to take care of yourself;

• Losing all of your financial resources to paying for years of poor nutritional living;

• Not being able to do the activities in retirement that you have worked towards for 30? 40? 50? Years.

Or, you can make some choices now that can alter that future, by focusing on your health and wellness.

Aging Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Be “Old”

--------Build Up Your 401 HK Retirement Account--------

What does that mean? To me it means that your “Health and Wellness” 401K.

What do you consider your most important asset? Does your financial health and wellness come before your physical health and wellness as it does for most people? Do you realize that you can have all the money you could ever spend, but if you don’t have good health, you have nothing, everything that you have worked so hard for,is meaningless.

So, to answer that question, your health is your most important asset. It’s an asset beyond value. You cannot buy it, you can only create it over your life. There is no “instant” fix, to repair damage to your health and bodily systems that took decades to create.

Just like you wouldn’t take your financial assets and hand them over to some slick salesperson, you don’t want to hand your health assets over to the fast food place, or to the medical community for that matter. In both cases, you are not even a period on the bottom line of their financial report. You are a statistic. Mens health is up to, well, you!

YES, It Takes Commitment

If you have a family, you need to ask yourself another question: “Do I want my kids to follow in my “nutritional footsteps”, and be susceptible to:

Childhood disease;

• Obesity;

• ADD and ADHD disorder;

• Childhood diabetes, etc.,

Or, do I want to lead by example, and focus on my children’s health?

Childrens nutrition is incredibly important, actually critical, to their development, and their future.

YOU are the leader of your children’s future, how will you lead?

Yes, it does take commitment to change, but look at it this way: if your favorite team is playing, do you make some decisions about the day they are playing? You commit to being there for the game, even if it means you have to work some overtime at your job, so that you have the time off. That is the kind of commitment you need to make for your children.

Make that commitment to yourself, and your family to change your focus, change your health and wellness, and your future.

If you smoke, stop —JUST DO IT! Yes, it is hard, I used to smoke 3 packs a day 30 years ago, and just stopped. There were many weeks of wanting to just lite up, but, fortunately, I resisted.

I was running every day at the time, and 4 years after I stopped smoking, I was still coughing up a black tar like stuff out of my lungs! It’s an addiction, just like a street drug like cocaine, or heroin, except this drug is legal, it’s all about the money, not your health. The benefits of quitting are not just for your health, but for your family.

Changing what you have always eaten and done is not an easy decision for most people, it actually seems to be easier, in some cases, for women than men, but as you start to make even some small changes, and stay consistent with them, you will see changes in your health, your weight, your energy, and ultimately, your future.

You can live your life, from today, following a healthy lifestyle, and you will also have a healthy life in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and maybe into your 90’s. Men’s health is important to you, your family and your future.

You have to realize that you have actually put more energy into learning how to do your 9 to 5 job than you have put into learning about your health.

Its not just you, most men are not concerned with any of that "health stuff". You learned your job well (or not) because you wanted to keep it, and not get fired so that you could support yourself and your family.

It is the same with your health, except if you don’t learn about it, and learn it well, you are essentially “firing yourself” and your ability to fully enjoy your future.

All you need to do is look around and you will see people in their 50s, 60s and 70s, who can't even enjoy their grown children or their grandchildren, or traveling, or any of the activities you may be looking forward to in retirement, simply because they didn't think how they lived their lives was important.

If your job is “robbing you” of the ability to make positive changes in your life, look into starting your own business where you can work from home. Work part time at it until you have doubled the amount you now make at your job….then, if it’s a solid ongoing income, QUIT your 9 to 5 job. Don’t quit until you are positive that your home business income is growing, and that it will continue to grow. Then, you will have what 98% of the population will never have: time freedom, financial freedom, your life.

It's all your choice

As always, we welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Contact us for more information about your health, a good diet plan, an honest, low cost home business, etc.

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