Mental Health Ideas For Your Brain

Mental health ideas are are another key to being healthy, and even more important as we are aging. If you don't feel like you even have the energy to even get started with some of these activities that help with mental health, contact us, we have natural products that can help.

Here are just a few ideas to keep your brain and mental health “tuned up”, increase your senior mind power, and help you to slow down the aging process:

• #1 is a healthy diet, (click here for more on this), and as few pharmaceutical drugs as you can get away with;

• Read, be involved in a book club, and discuss what you have read;

• Doing puzzles, with your partner or a friend;

• Challenge your brain, do crosswords for improved mental health;

• Hobbies, especially ones that involve being outside and with other people, like bird watching;

• Start a “healthy eating pyramid” dinner group where each couple, or individual, cooks a healthy meal from a different country each week, (good wine is ok!). Being healthy can be a very enjoyable and tasty experience! Following a recipe is good for your mental health, just as the finished product is good for your physical health;

• Join social groups, dance groups, travel clubs;

• Volunteer: camp ground hosts, church groups, feeding the dis-advantaged, teaching what you have learned throughout your life or work;

Start A Club

• Use your experience and imagination to start a young entrepreneur’s club and share your business expertise;

• Volunteer to help with Special Olympics (an international disabled sports program);

• Help people who are wheelchair bound to learn how to do wheelchair exercises, especially veterans. This is great for your mental health as you focus intently to make sure that they are doing the exercise program correctly;

• Start a senior fitness walking group in your area, (Click here for more information on walking and posture), (Click here for more information on walking and posture), and have discussions as you walk. The added oxygen is critical The added oxygen is critical for mental health and clear thinking;

• Work with Habitat for Humanity and use your building or organizational skills;

• Volunteer at your Rotary Club, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Shriners, or your church;

• Volunteer at the local senior center;

• Teach a yoga class;

Volunteer To Help Kids

• Volunteer to read to children at the library, great for mental health "tune ups";

• Volunteer to work at the local food bank;

• Start a dance club;

• Start a biweekly movie or slide night with drinks and food;

• Organize a trip to a local attraction, like stock car racing, horse racing, a casino visit (set a dollar limit for everyone!), a hot springs getaway, etc.;

• If you have an RV, start your own RV club and organize short (or long) trips—this is a LOT of fun, and excellent for your mental health!;

Be A Driver

• Volunteer to be a driver for “meals on wheels” to deliver meals to housebound individuals. If there isn’t one in your area: start one;

• Write a book about something you have done in your life, turn it into an ebook, (contact us about our authoring program);

• Start a small business, or be involved in a farmer’s market: See my e-book: “The Armchair Farmer” on this site;

• Start a health topics discussion group, to help yourself and others to do the best possible for everyone’s health and wellness. You could tie in different ways of eating healthy, side effects from different pharmaceutical drugs, alternatives to the drugs, different diets, etc.;

• Start an “anti-depression” longevity group. LAUGH! This could be a once or twice a week or month meeting where you could invite funny people, like comedians, to come to a healthy dinner and spend the evening telling jokes. Or, individuals in the group could be assigned the job of researching funny stories and jokes, and then sharing them.

It Is A Rich Life, If You Make It So!

The possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter what your personality type is, or where you live, there are tons of things you can do for positive mental health, both for yourself, and for others. You can do searches on line to find something that will fill your needs for mental stimulation, traveling, exercise programs that get results, cooking, and continued healthy living.

Action Steps

1. Think about something that you would like to do that is different, and a little challenging for you;

2. Talk it over with your spouse or partner or close friends;

3. See if there is something similar to what you are looking for already set up in your area;

4. Poll some other people you know, or go to the local senior center, gym or put an ad in the local paper to find others who share your interests;

5. If you are starting something new in the area, do some research either on line, or at the library, so that you are organized;

6. Find someone to partner up with to get things moving;

7. If you are starting a dinner club, find out who the best cook is and talk to her or him about being the menu organizer if needed;

8. If you are going to meeting at a public place, like a restaurant, research what’s available in your area. A lot of restaurants have meeting rooms that are separate from the main dining area and will let you use the room for free if you buy a certain amount of food and beverages;

9. Find out who is an entertainer type of person to help being a master of ceremonies at the meetings;

10. Find out who has the best music collection; recipe collection; slides and movies, etc.

11. Just have a good time!

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