Natural Remedies For A Healthy Home

Yes, your home does need health and wellness, natural remedies to create a safe place to live. Not the the type of nutrition that you do, but, a different type of health and wellness, one that is almost as important as your nutrition: the environment that you live in, the place where you and your family spend most of your time. There are natural remedies and natural products to make your home safe, and eliminate the toxins found in most homes. You can exercise, have a healthy diet , drink lots of (water), exercise and run outside, and breathe lots of oxygen, etc., but if your home environment is toxic, you body is in a constant battle to stay well.

But I “Went Green”!

Green is “in”, but a lot of the everyday products that are still used in the majority of American homes are not only not green, they are not safe, especially for childrens health and, childrens nutrition. The products that most people use for cleaning their homes, and that are used to clean our children’s schools, are not natural remedies, but are concoctions of cheap chemicals, which make not only our homes a toxic environment, but our schools toxic schools, that have nothing to do with health and wellness.

Cleaning products are basically an unregulated industry, and the main “watchdog” for these companies is……the companies that produce the toxic products, hardly a reliable system! Some of these large companies, simply changed the label on their toxic products, calling them “green”, natural remedies” for a “safer home”, and “safer environment”, but did nothing about making the ingredients safer. Financial profit is their main motivation, not your family’s health and wellness.

There is no real Value

All the ads you see in the newspaper, in magazines, on TV, are paid for by you when you purchase one of these products in the store. You are paying, on average, 63% to 70% of the shelf price for such “no value” items like:

• Radio advertising,

• TV advertising,

• Newspaper advertising,

• Celebrity endorsements,

• Retail store markups,

• Retail store overhead,

• Trucking,

• Stockholder’s profit, etc..

When you get right down to it, there is not a whole lot of money left to put into the quality of the product, and they are certainly not natural remedies that are good for your health.

So, where is the value for you and your family? You are led to believe that these companies are concerned for you and your family, and that they produce green, safe products. Great, warm and fuzzy ads pull you right in, and yes, you are also paying for the “spin doctors” who create the ads that hit you right where they want to; your emotions, or “your buying button”. The truth is, these companies don’t even know who you are, you are simply a number on their bottom line. It’s about the money.

What About My Favorite Home Cleaning Products?

We all want to have a healthy home, but the majority of the cleaning and personal care products we use in our homes, even the “new green” ones, are produced by the same companies that produce the toxic ones. They are not safe, and are not natural remedies that will help us to create a healthy home for our families. A shocking number of these “everyday products”, have been proven to have strong links to:

• Cancer;

• Reproductive disorders;

• Liver damage;

• Learning disabilities;

• Asthma, especially in children (go to: Children and Chemicals);

• Attention Deficit Disorder: See (Childrens Health);

• Bipolar Disease;

• Depression;

• Skin disorders, and more.

The National Academy of Sciences estimates that about 15% of the population in this country has some type of chemical sensitivity. With constant, daily exposure, and some of these chemicals building up within the body over time, these numbers will increase dramatically.

So, Who Is At High Risk?

We are, but more importantly, our children, and their health and wellness. Our children are much more vulnerable to chemicals than we adults are. Their nervous and endocrine systems are under development and are much more likely to be disrupted by these harmful chemical messengers.

Childrens nutrition is especially critical for young children, because they crawl around the floor, putting everything into their mouths. When they do this, they transfer the toxic chemicals right into their systems, go to: (kids health) and, (Children and toxins).

Even before they are born, children have already been exposed to the same toxic cleaning products and chemicals their mothers have been exposed to!

Who Is Responsible for This Mess?

Well, unfortunately, we, the adults, are. We are:

• Responsible for what a mother to be eats when she is pregnant;

• Responsible for what our children eat;

• Responsible for eating healthy;

• Responsible,by our silence and continued support, for the chemicals that are causing us so much pain and suffering;

• Responsible, by buying toxic products; not looking into natural remedies and natural alternatives, and eating junk food, for our poor health and for our Childrens Health.

Just consider these statistics:

Out of all of the developed countries in the world:

• We spend the most on health care;

• We are #1 in degenerative diseases;

• We are now #50 in life expectancy, and losing ground every year!

There is a message here, IF we are willing to listen and take our future, and the future of our children into our own hands.

Action Steps You Can Take

It’s time to go in a better direction.

1. Make the decision to change the products you are using;

2. Replace them with products that are safe for you, not toxic for your children, and safe for the environment;

3. Throw out the toxic ones in your home now (actually you will have to take them to a hazardous chemical dump site, it is illegal to even put the empty container in your trash!);

4. Focus on natural remedies , products that are good for you, your family and the environment;

Contact us We would like to help you with information about a company that not only produces safe, effective products, and delivers them to your home, but saves you money every month as well.

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