Who Is Raising Your Child?

Who is Raising Your Children? Feeding Your Child’s Brain

Is your babysitter raising your child? What guidelines do you set for her or him? Are your kids just put in front of the TV set, or is there a program set up so that they can learn while they are in someone else’s care? Most people don’t realize how much influence a babysitter, or child care provider can have on your child. For most parents, a babysitter is a babysitter. I have always thought that it was interesting how our child can sometimes learn more, or at least different things, from someone other than us, actually, sometimes it’s the same things that we taught our child, but since a friend or other adult told them there is no question about it being the truth! Our egos can be "damaged" in the process!

Your child pretty much knows all of your “buttons” to push at a very young age, just how far they can go with you before you give in and they get their way, etc. So, you are at a real disadvantage for getting your way unless you set some ground rules early on! With a child care provider you have a unique opportunity to stimulate your child’s mind. After all, you are paying this person so much per hour to be there, so why not get your money’s worth?

You have to be “creative” when you are raising your child! You need to realize that your wonderful, extremely cute little being is using everything to test their boundaries, from the time they are a baby. When something works, whether it is screaming until you give in, rolling on the floor, holding their breath, throwing food, or whatever, these little people are working with an “empty blackboard” in their mind, and quickly filling it with “survival stuff”. I sometimes wonder if you are really raising your child, or your child is raising you!

A good child care provider leaves the TV off, unless it is a nature program, or some other educational program, and either plays creatively with the child, or teaches the child important lessons, like writing, reading, computer skills, crafts projects, etc. An excellent child care provider does all of those things. Even if your child is still an infant, they understand a lot more than we give them credit for. They especially understand love, and they know when someone really wants to be with them.

The exceptional babysitters go beyond even these guidelines and get into foreign languages, math, different cultures, etc. It is not easy to find high caliber people to watch your children, but you really don’t want the “bored teenager” type of babysitter just because he or she was the only one available. I mean, do you really want someone like that raising your child and teaching them basically nothing? One type of ad to run would be to ask for preschool teachers or child care professionals. You may wind up paying a little more per hour, but you are essentially getting a “private tutor” for a bargain price!

Who Is Responsible?

Well.....you are. As an adult, and the parent, you are totally responsible for:

• Who your children become;

• How healthy they are;

• What they learn;

• How they grow physically and mentally;

• What they will do in the future;

• What they know about raising a family;

• What they know about spending money and balancing a checkbook;

• What they know about saving for the future;

• What they know about owning a home.

Bottom line: Raising your children is 100% dependent on you, from the time they are born, to show them the best way to live their lives, and expose them to stimulating learning experiences. What you do in their formative years, the most important years, will determine their attitudes, their social graces, and their feelings about learning, their future. It is not the responsibility of the school systems, or baby sitters, it is yours.If you can't be there because of work or other commitments, be sure that you are providing someone who cares about raising your child, and someone who is aware of what your child needs.

Is It Easy?

Nope, hey, was labor “easy”? Raising your children may be one of the hardest jobs you have ever undertaken. But, the rewards are for a lifetime. Learning how to raise your children in a way that will benefit their future, and yours, is simply that; a learning process, it is like taking ongoing courses in:

• Taking care of yourself before and during pregnancy;

• Nutrition;

• Baby care;

• Discipline for children;

• Nurturing;

• Crisis management;

• Safe drugs;

• Being a dad;

• Getting by on less sleep;

• First aid;

• Counseling;

• All of the courses that your child is taking in school so you can help him or her;

• And more!

It can seem like an impossible task! But, if you take it one step at a time, you will find it’s not too bad! And the rewards will last a lifetime.

Raising Your Child…..Is Home Schooling For You!

Just as you would almost have to become a teacher in every subject if you are considering home schooling, it is the same with child raising. You need to know what you are doing, good and bad. You also need to realize that your child’s early years will determine their future. Many researchers agree that the first 4 years of a child’s life are some of, if not the most important. There are many books out on this subject, so I won’t go into much detail here. Suffice it to saythat if you neglect those important formative years, you will pay for it later in areas such as communication, study habits, food likes and dislikes, temper tantrums, bad social graces, and many other areas that are important to your child’s future, and to your life together in your home for 18 years or more.

Raising a Pet, Or Raising Your Child…..

Not that children are in any way like having a pet, well, sometimes you may wonder about that, but some of the same principles can be shown in a comparative analogy. For example, if you have a puppy, and you don’t do anything about:

• It’s barking, biting;

• Coming when called;

• Getting on the furniture;

• Attacking strangers;

• Chewing on your shoes and furniture;

• Urinating and defecating wherever it wants;

• Etc.

What you will have is a very unpleasant experience as the puppy grows into an adult dog. Learning how to train your puppy, and following through, will give you a completely different, and much more rewarding experience, and your dog will love you even more deeply. Look at the example of dogs that are trained to help the disabled: it is all about discipline, and creating the best habits. Just as these guidelines and discipline if done correctly with love, will create a trust and loyalty that is awesome, the same will happen with your children.

In both cases, if you don’t set some “ground rules” early on, they will set them for you, and you will have problems later, and, unfortunately, so will they.

It’s Mostly About You

You know, raising your child is an experience that you can mold into what you want. Think about it: here you have a little being who is 200% faithful to you, no matter what. Your word is the law, when push comes to shove, it doesn’t matter what someone else says, it matters what Mom and Dad say.

• You are the one who gets all of those special hugs at unexpected times;

• You are the one who hears the first word spoken by this brand new human;

• You are the one who fixes “everything” for your child;

• You are the one who watches this amazing creation, a part of you, grow and blossom;

• You are the one who is always there for this child, for any reason, it doesn’t matter;

• You are the light of your child’s life.

Raise them well and you will be the one who has a lifetime of joy as you see them repeat what you have taught them in their own family. Raising your child is a gift for you.

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