Senior Fitness: Exercise Your Brain, Increase Your Mind Power

An important part of senior fitness, is senior "mind power". It is an intregal part of your total health and wellness as you are aging.

Your brain needs it own particular type of “exercise”, which may or may not be easier than physical wellness---depending on how much you have used your brain throughout your later years, and what your diet and nutrition has been, and is now.

As we are aging, both our physical and mental senior fitness are strongly linked together. It’s true that we often take longer to learn things and may also have more trouble remembering as we are aging, especially if we are tired or under stress, or, if we are taking pharmaceutical drugs, but there are natural remedies that help by giving you the tools you need to stay healthy.

Click here for a few ways to keep your brain in good shape and increase your mind power: Your brain is not a muscle, but lack of use of either your muscles or your brain has similar effects on your health and wellness.

Brain Food + Mental Exercise = Mind Power,

It is critical for healthy aging, that you pay particular attention to your diet and nutrition. See more about healthy foods to eat; and other important, easy to use information on this site. Contact us for quality, well researched companies for health and wellness products like vitamins and minerals.

"Break a Leg!"

Not literally! But, have you ever had a cast on your arm or leg, and not been able to move it for weeks? When the cast was finally removed, do you remember what it felt like when you tried to stand on it, or use the arm? It was really, really weak, wasn’t it? It took a consistent, regular exercise program, and physical activity to bring it back to where you felt comfortable with it.

Then, you may have gotten to the point where you didn’t even think about it anymore, and you took your “automatic” good health for granted again, and forgot about it. Or, you may have decided then and there to make physical fitness a priority so that you would never be in such a weakened condition again. You focused on improving your physical fitness.

If you have had something like this happen when you were older, it took a lot longer to heal, and regain your strength, didn’t it?

Your Brain Can Also Get Weak By Being In A "Mental Cast"

Good nutrition, eating healthy, physical activity, senior fitness, and healthy aging all have a lot to do with a healthy brain and mind power. The natural process of aging, doesn't have to be a race to the bottom of the hill, yes, everything may take longer, and not everything works as well as you want it to, but, you have choices, just like you have had throughout your life. You made your own life choices, don't stop now!

As The Saying Goes: "It’s Your Life"

You know, it really isn’t that difficult to take charge of your health and wellness: it’s a personal decision, not unlike thousands of similar decisions you have made throughout your life. It’s not a simple decision like deciding to get out of bed in the morning, but it is your decision! Me, I love getting up at 4 or 5, and I also love sleeping, especially on the beach!

So, anyway, I look at good health, senior fitness, and mental power as true health insurance, or life insurance. If you really think about it, most discussions about true health topics—not pharmaceutical drugs, don’t take place in your doctor’s office, or with the person who is trying to sell you life insurance or health insurance. They take place with friends and other people you know who are healthy, and looking for ways to stay that way without being on pharmaceutical drugs.

This is your life, YOU can have control over how it plays out. The more you put yourself in other hands, to take care of your health, the more you compromise your personal power, and your future health and wellness.

Think about it: pretty much every other decision you have made in your life, whether it was about work, the type of car to buy, where to vacation, etc., YOU made. Your health and wellness is no different, you just need to do your research---just like you did before you took that special vacation, or bought that new car! It’s no mystery. Look over our site for information that can help to give you more reliable, common sense information about improving your health, and your senior fitness so you can enjoy healthy aging.

Our Aging Brain

We don’t always think about healthy aging even being connected to our brain function, but it most definitely is. For a lot of people, especially in modern times, use of the brain means that you pay attention to the game show on TV, or you remember what a Big Mac™ costs. There are unfortunately very few people who actually read for recreation or for learning any more. For some older individuals, the last time they studied was in college.

So, if you fall into that category, which is totally ok, it may take you a little longer to get into the swing of learning, stimulating those brain cells, and increasing your memory and mind power, but it IS worth it. You will see changes in your thought process, your energy, your interest in new things. It’s like getting your second wind! One way to really stimulate the mental process and increase your mental power is physical exercise. Go to other areas of our site, like senior physical fitness for more information on some great simple exercise programs that get results.

Use It Or Lose It—The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Have you heard that phrase? It’s true. Not using your mind, and just letting it go where it will is kind of like having a virus on your computer that has worked its way through every program until your computer is working sooooooooo sloooowwwwlllllyyyyy that you can never get your projects done.

With a computer its simple: get a new one or clean off the hard drive, reload it and away you go. You will still have to reload all the programs, and you will still probably lose a few. My personal take on this, whether its cars or computers, is that if it’s giving you more problems than you want to deal with: get rid of it!

Your Brain is the C.E.O. of Your Body

It’s not as simple, or really that easy at first to take control of our brains or mental health, because we have lots of “mental viruses”, or, conditioned ways of doing or not doing things; ways of learning or not learning things. So, we need to go against the grain of our conditioned mind, and gradually start to change it, and create exercise programs for our brain.

One step at a time is all it takes to make an improvement in senior fitness. We need to combine several different activities at the same time, for example:

Good nutrition, and eating healthy; to feed your mind, body and immune system, and starting on a quality, scientifically developed vitamin and mineral program---NOT Centrum™ or One-A-Day™. For more on this subject, click here.

• A physical exercise program; to improve blood flow, muscle tone, balance, relieve stress and depression, and add oxygen to the cells.

• Mental exercise; read, learn and remember. Get your mind into boot camp, and increase your mind power.

• Stress relief; to help keep you focused on what really matters. The aging process is totally natural, it happens to everyone. It should not be the main focus of your life. Focus on what you can do, and work on increasing it.

• Spiritual Health and Wellness; Is this important? You bet it is! Even if you don’t believe in God, whatever you believe in, that is your “spiritual power” is a source of strength for you, and will help to gain an inner center of calmness and confidence, which empowers you and makes it easier to reach your goals. Personally, I have found that meditation is a powerful “tool” to help deal with it all. You can also take a Tai Chi class, or a Yoga class to improve your physical fitness, balance, and give you a more solid connection with the world around you.

It’s a GREAT Life, And It’s YOUR Life To Do With Whatever You Decide!

It’s true! You, and only you, have control over your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, remember Colonel Sanders: at the age of 66 he decided that Social Security was not going to cut it for his lifestyle, so he went out and tried to sell his fried chicken recipe to restaurants. One thousand attempts later, he finally found someone who would work with him, the rest is history, even if you don’t eat the chicken!

Just remember, your brain truly is the C.E.O., and the C.O.O., and mission control of your body. It controls EVERYTHING that you do, from breathing to walking. The only person who can take care of it is you.

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