Women In Home Business

Women possess unique qualities that most men do not have, and that are well suited to the home business industry, which is primarily a "social" business model. These qualities are what make them such a potentially powerful force as a business woman in the Home Business work place. These very strengths and natural attributes are the main reasons that 85% of the 20+ Million home businesses in the US, are owned and run by women, this is not even counting the many millions more around the world.

There are a lot of “stay at home moms” who own and operate some of the best home businesses, with incomes that far exceed the earnings from a regular 9 to 5 job in the traditional work place. Whether they realize it or not, they are in the role of a business woman, besides their “other job” of raising their families.

What Natural Talents Do Women Have That They Can Use In A Home Business?

Pretty much the same intuitive ones used to raise a family:

Organization (meals, clothing, doctors, band practice, football, ballet, etc.): This transfers to: Running an organized, efficient business;

Persuasive Marketing (this is what you are doing when you are convincing your child to eat something they don’t want to eat!): This transfers to: Knowing and talking about the benefits of your company’s products and compensation plan;

Creative Advertising (birthday invitations, band and cheerleader fund-raising, etc.) Transfers to: Advertising for your home business, using it as a fund raiser for non-profits, school programs;

Motivational Coach And Mentor (Helping your kids to feel good about how they look, even when their face is covered with pimples, or they have 2 front teeth missing! Leading your children step by step to learn difficult subjects like math and reading) Transfers to: Helping your new enrollees in your business to overcome obstacles, get over people who didn’t do what they said they would, or they just drop out;

Celebrating Success And Achievements (BIRTHDAYS!!, good grades!, Valentine parties, dances, frig notes and gold stars!) In business: Pretty much the same activities! EVERYONE likes to be appreciated and acknowledged, especially when they have overcome a difficult obstacle as they grow their business. Recognizing their personal growth;

Time Management And Schedule Coordinator (Sports, homework before the TV goes on, band practice, overnight slumber parties) Transfers to: Helping people set goals and the time line to achieve them;

Social Director (Organizing parties, potlucks, camping, vacations) In Your business: Celebrating success, having advancement parties, home demonstrations, special trips for your team;

Transportation Coordinator (car pooling, "ride procurer")

In your business: Making sure that everyone has a ride to company events or local presentation. Finding the best deals for air and hotel for your team to go to the company convention;

Social Networking (phone trees, Facebook, children’s social activities) Transfers to: Social networking for your business on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, having networking parties for your team. Women are just simply more social than men, and build longer lasting, deeper relationships;

Personal Development Specialist (Helping your kids set goals for grades, reading, spelling, giving them inspirational books and stories. Having them help the disadvantaged) Transfers to: Providing your business team with business leadership. Suggesting personal growth books and meetings for them.

WHEW!! That isn’t even close to a complete list of what the average woman does!

If you are a stay at home mom (sounds romantic doesn’t it!), you still have laundry, food and clothes shopping, making meals, cleaning the house, etc. If you are a working mom, you have all of that, and more!

You Are The C.E.O.

Isn’t it interesting when you step back and look at what you do every day to raise your family and run your household, and put it into a different “job description”?

Another very important point to remember is that as a business woman, you may run into some obstacles when you are working with your home business, but if you remember, you also ran into similar, or worse problems raising your children.

You didn’t know what to do; you were lost and uncertain. But you figured out how to get the answers to overcome the problem because you had no choice, and people were depending on you.

Even childbirth was some pretty uncharted territory, but you knew it would work out.

Just remember:if you want something deeply enough, you will find a way. You absolutely WILL run into problems in your home business, or any other business for that matter.

The key is to put it into a analogy, or comparison of what you would do raising your family. Just ask yourself: "If my son or daughter, did or didn't do this, what would I do?"

You could even put it into that scenario and call someone who has more experience and ask them what they would do in a similar situation.

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