Work At Home Business (Job) For A Corporation

Yet another option, that most people are not aware of, is a work at home Business, or job,for one of the major corporations like Jet Blue™, GE™, Microsoft™, etc. I think this is a great idea for those who have the self-discipline to work like they would at a regular job.

More and more companies are finding that not only is their overhead less when they farm out the work to groups like stay at home moms, but they get better production and generally a higher quality work product. The problem with these jobs is that they are very hard to get, since there is a lot of competition, but not impossible. You can do a Google search for something like: work at home for corporations, and links to companies like Microsoft™, Jet Blue™, GE™ and more will come up. You still have the situation where you are at the beck and call of your employer, but there is a lot of flexibility in your schedule, and the commute is great!

But, just because you are working at home for a corporation, they do expect you to work like you were in an office with a boss looking over your shoulder.

It IS A Job, Not Your Own Business

If you are working for one of these corporations, and you don’t produce what is expected, you will be fired just as quickly as you would be at a regular office. A word of caution when looking for some of these companies: DO NOT click on an unknown link. There are a lot of spammers, or "sharks" out there who are just waiting for you! Stick with a company you have heard of, check them out with the Better Business Bureau, The State Attorney General’s office for the state where they are based.

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