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Ask yourself: “Are men and women different?” Well, hmmm, YES! Womens Health and Wellness, and Men’s Health require different diet and nutrition needs, emotional needs, nurturing needs, and friendship needs. Just as there are differences on the outside, there are differences on the inside. First, you have to realize what an amazing creation a woman is. I’m not just talking to men here, but to women as well. I think that most people, including women, don’t realize how unique they are. A woman’s body will sustain another life, totally, for 9 months, and still do all of the normal everyday activities, so womens health and wellness is more than important! I don’t know too many men who can do that, actually, I don’t know any (fortunately!) And guess what guys: without a woman, you wouldn’t even exist! Women also have their own unique health issues.

The point is, womens health and wellness is critical not only to herself, but to family health and wellness, and society as a whole. I will go over a lot of that information in other sections of the site.

In this first area of womens health and wellness, I will briefly touch on different spiritual strengths, history, and health factors, health issues, both positive and negative, that are unique to women. I will also refer you to natural solutions and ideas for improvement in all areas.

My goal is to uplift, offer hope, increase strength, and deeply empower women, in a natural inner supportive way. All information is real information, documented by different studies both in traditional medicine, and natural medicine.

Women and History

Throughout history, women have been respected healers in almost every culture. And, in some cases they have been persecuted for it by ignorant people. It makes me wonder what goes on in the heads of some of the more fanatical groups or cults. Of course, people used to think the world was flat, so anything is possible!

Even back to the roots of most organized religions, women are portrayed as second to, and beneath man. If you stop and consider that way of thinking, it doesn’t make any sense. How can you look at the natural miracle of creating a human life within a body, and not hold the person who is nurturing and carrying that life, and who is also absolutely glowing with a divine radiance while that life is growing, and think they are inferior? Shouldn’t the feeling be just the opposite? Shouldn’t all mankind be grateful for, and uplift women and the part they play in life?

Your Spiritual Health and Wellness

This is a little personal, but it is an important mental health issue, and important to womens overall health and wellness.

If your spiritual beliefs make you feel like you are worthless, "below” man, the perpetrator of the "original sin", it affects your spirit, your overall health, your ability to make decisions, your self confidence.

Give some thought to who you are, how you are thought of, and consider that if is ok to be that way for the rest of your life and decide if this is the way you want to continue to feel. It is not necessary, unless you allow others, to make that decision for you, or, if this is a type of faith you are comfortable with.

Your world should be filled with beauty, not guilt. Every day should be filled with the feeling that you are one of God’s children, not some sinner who will never amount to anything. Look at the gifts you have been given as a woman; you are such a key part in creation, without you, it wouldn’t happen, period. If you have a strong belief in God, then you will realize that there are no mistakes, you have been given the unique ability to create and sustain life within your own body.

Healing Energy

It’s interesting to note in western medicine that women have traditionally been nurses, caregivers taking care of, and nurturing the sick or wounded. The role of nurses has been downplayed by the medical community instead of placed on more solid footing with doctors, which is where it belongs. The two roles are equally important.

If it were a simple matter of “slice and dice” by surgeons, you wouldn’t need any post operative care, or information on nutrition. But that is not the reality. In all fairness, there are more and more male nurses who are equally competent, as well as doctors who are knowledgeable about nutrition, but the focus here is womens health and wellness, not men.

A Healing Touch

Have you ever stopped to think about why this is? Aren’t the same qualities: spiritual; nurturing; life giving energy, that are so strong in a woman the same qualities that are so important to a patient recovering from an operation or illness? This is yet another reason for supporting womens health and wellness.

There is a lot to be said for a healing touch. If you believe in different types of healing, this is one that is very powerful. Just the desire to heal, felt deeply within an individual, without ego, can do amazing things. Look at Mother Teresa. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, not for being a Hollywood star, but because of her desire to touch, to heal, and to uplift the forgotten of the world. Wow! Everything she needed was provided, not so much by the church, but by people who recognized and acknowledged the contribution she was making to the world. She gave her life to serve others.

You don’t need to be a Mother Teresa, but we all have that power within us, isn’t that an amazing thought? Just by changing your focus a little, inward to being strong in who you are, and outward to helping and healing others through that inner strength, you can change your world, and the world of others. You can offer hope, support, and love. As a woman, this is easy; it is just a change of mind.

Finding Your Balance

• What do you feel are your strengths?

• What makes you feel really good? (besides chocolate!)

• What are your weaknesses?

• What do you feel passionate about?

• Do you create “quiet time” for yourself every day?

Make a List

Sit down and make a list, write down why you feel the way you do about certain things in your life. If there is something you don’t like, try to figure out how to change it into something that you do like. For example;

• If driving in traffic drives you up the wall, try playing your favorite music, or a book on CD (from your local library), or a motivational training CD.

• Work on your strengths. Find ways to enhance your personal power and make it more noticeable in your personality. Maybe if you are a really good organizer, find ways to benefit others with those skills (don’t be over whelming). If you are a good listener, find someone who will appreciate those skills like older individuals, and children. Children love it when you interact with them and actually listen to what they are saying and take it seriously.

• Really try to find what your true passion is, and bring it more into your life. When you do something with passion, it uplifts your spirit, and the spirits of those around you. You just "feel really good" when you are doing something with passion.

• Learn to meditate. Even if it is for 10 or 15 minutes a day, you will benefit from meditation, your family will benefit, and you will be making a positive contribution to the world as a whole.

Your Intuition

We all know that women have a much stronger intuition, or inner “gut” feeling, about people, events, danger, children, etc, than men do. This is another gift and it should be fine tuned, not obliterated by outside influences. Do you make your decisions based on what other people say, or what you see on TV? If it is through television shows, then you are not only allowing others to take control of your life, you are also allowing one of your natural talents to become weak, until you don’t know which way to turn, without someone else telling you. Instead of living your life, you are “being lived” by some fictional person on the TV. It didn’t earn the name “boob tube” for nothing!

It’s Your Life

It is your life, to live in the way you see fit, but you need to develop the tools to guide yourself, and your family through successfully. There are many ways to do this, and I think a combination is always best. Simple exercise, weight management, and deeply supporting activities like Hatha Yoga and Meditation can really help you to re-establish your inner connection and make it stronger. Women seem to have a much sharper connection to womens health and wellness than men do. Again, it is your life, and how you choose to live or not live it is your choice.

I am going to leave this section for now. I hope you have found even one item here that is helpful to you. I will continue to add to this site, so you have a lot to look forward to! In the meantime, there are other sections of your health and wellness guide that you can look at for more information. Share what you like with others, so that more people, of both genders, and all ages can benefit.

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